A Few Comments From Our Satisfied Customers

"I am amazed that you offer what you do at such reasonable prices!" M. L.

"The icons came in today and they are beautiful. You will be hearing from me again soon!" Fr. E. C.

"The icon of the Mystical Supper is beautiful. You can not imagine how it fills out our iconostasis." P. S., AZ

"Right from the onset I must say, I am more than pleased with the icons I have ordered from Orthodox Images. Truly, they are most beautiful. Once we place them on our iconostasis they will enhance the whole atmosphere of our worship and our Church setting. I appreciate the masterful workmanship behind each icon. God bless the hands of each and all that worked on the icons, and the talents and God-given gifts that can produce such work.

The icons arrived yesterday afternoon undamaged. They were wrapped exceptionally well. If you could have witnessed my unwrapping you would have thought I was performing surgery. That's how careful I went about it. I cannot thank you enough, together with those with you, for the exceptional service I have enjoyed from the start of my order.

Communicating with you by phone and by emails was a privilege and an honor because of the professionalism, speed and friendliness of that communication. You helped make ordering from Orthodox Images a trustworthy experience. Finally, if God gives me the opportunity, and I need additional icons, I will not hesitate in the least to turn to Orthodox Images to satisfy that need. Thank you for that feeling of confidence." Fr. E. Z., AZ

"I just wanted to let you know that our icons are beautiful and very breath-taking! Thank you!" C. N.

"Thank you for your work! The icons are beautiful! Once installed, the church interior, its very presence, is completely changed. Congratulations to your efforts on our behalf. I now have a resource for future iconographic work." - S. A., Orthodox architect, FL

"I must say, the icons are absolutely beautiful and will inspire those who see our iconostasis." - P. S., Parish Council member, AZ

"Thank you so much for sending the image in a timely manner. I sent a videotape copy of the Third Watch episode in which we used the image that you produced for us.  It was hung on the wall of the set which is seen in the latter part of the episode. Thank you again for your help. We are very grateful to have found your service and will put your information into our source files." - L. L. A., Assistant Set Decorator, Warner Brothers Television / Third Watch, NY

"We can't wait until we get all the icons installed. It will make such a difference in the appearance of the church. Thank you for helping us beautify our church." - Fr. P. T., CA

"Thank you so much for the icons! The interior of the church is completely transformed!" - Presbytera T., CA

"We received the icons in good shape and they are very beautiful. You really do good work." - Fr. J., AR

"We received the icon and it is absolutely beautiful." - R. Z., AZ

"I must say I am quite overwhelmed by what you accomplished...the parish council is enthusiastic...now [that I have seen the icons] I know what the rest of the parish council has been raving about." Fr. P. R., IL

"The icons are up, and they look wonderful!" Fr. K. S., MA

"Our iconostasis is now complete. It is beautiful and we sure do enjoy it." - D. L., AR

The ikons arrived and are beautiful - thank you for all your work to make this project come to fruition!!! Fr. T.H, PA

"We received the icons today, and they are simply beautiful!  Thank you so much for this contribution to our Mission. We are very pleased and will recommend you highly to other Missions and individuals."; - Rdr. K., KY

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